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Building materials Queirolo brothers  s.rl
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FPC certification of concrete

The concrete obtained from an industrialized process must come from plants suitable for constant production, which have suitable packaging equipment, expert personnel and equipment suitable for testing, evaluating and maintaining the quality of the product until it is placed.
These requirements are governed by the Ministerial Decree of 17/01/2018 "Technical Standards for Construction", according to which the plants must comply with Factory Production Control (FPC - Factory Production Control)

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Fgas certification

The fgas certification concerns operators, companies and training centers involved in the fluorinated greenhouse gas market, which must fulfill the obligations deriving from the Kyoto protocol to reduce GHG emissions and achieve EU climate change objectives.

In detail, the certification is mandatory for operators who carry out installation, repair, maintenance, assistance or decommissioning, gas recovery, leak detection  in the following types of plants and equipment containing fgas

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Electricity production with photovoltaic panels

We installed on the roof of part of our warehouses from June 2021 a 30 kWh photovoltaic system, which will soon be expanded up to 60 kWh.

From June 2021 to the end of December 2021 we avoided the emission of around 15,649.9 kg of Co2 into the atmosphere, which is equivalent to around 467 trees planted.

Energia sostenibile
Parlamento europeo

State aid

The law for the market and competition (Law 124/2017) introduced the obligation to make subsidies, contributions, paid assignments and economic advantages of any kind provided to companies by the public administration transparent, through the publication of the relative information in the explanatory note for companies that draw up the EEC financial statements, or on the websites or digital portals for non-profit organizations, associations and foundations.

With the changes introduced by the Growth Decree, in force since 1 May 2019, the categories of "enterprises" concerned are expanded: joint-stock companies that draw up the explanatory note in abbreviated form, micro-enterprises, partnerships and sole proprietorships regardless of the accounting regime adopted.

All subjects who have received grants, contributions and economic advantages of any kind for a total amount exceeding € 10,000.00 must make them "transparent", or publish them after verifying which ones really fall within  going to the website of the Ministry of Transparency (instructions to follow).


Model 231

The Legislative Decree n. 231 of 8 June 2001 introduced the discipline of the Administrative Liability of Companies on the basis of which they can be held responsible, and consequently sanctioned, in relation to certain crimes committed or attempted in the interest or to the advantage of the company by the directors or employees. The Company's liability is excluded if it has adopted and effectively implemented, before the commission of offences, organisation, management and control models capable of preventing the offenses themselves and has set up a Body responsible for supervising the functioning and compliance with the models.

Model 231 of Materials building brothers Queirolo represents a collection of principles and the point of reference for the definition of the model of each company. The activities for the implementation of the Model are also regularly carried out for the subsidiaries, with particular regard to control activities.

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