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The resale  of building materials is supplied with a vast and complete range of building materials, small parts of all kinds, plumbing and sewage material, timber, equipment, bricks, prefabricated concrete, flooring, ceramic and parquet, fireplaces and pellet stoves, sanitary ware and bathroom furnishings with relative showrooms of over 500m2 and all kinds of building equipment and tools and anything else that can be used in the construction sector, a large hardware store of over 400m2 in our new headquarters of 1600 square meters, the latter inaugurated in August 2014 always within our warehouse. It is also specialized in the installation of plumbing, heating and air conditioning systems and everything else concerning the thermo-sanitary sector with highly qualified internal company personnel. With experience and professionalism, the company undertakes to offer a qualified and complete service, also guaranteeing, thanks to the large fleet of vehicles at its disposal, transport and deliveries also with the use of helicopter in  areas not easily accessible, in full compliance with the requested delivery times. Since 2015 it has implemented its services by offering a wide range of rental vehicles and equipment. We also supply iron for reinforced concrete in bars and worked for reinforced concrete, cages and electro-welded mesh of all sizes with absolutely short delivery times.

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