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F.lli Queirolo offers the waste disposal and treatment service through three different plants:

•The R13 storage facility is located in the center of Levanto in Via delle Ghiare, mainly used by producers who deliver the waste from their construction sites.

• The R5 recovery / treatment plant located in Località Bizzetti, has a treatment capacity of 11,500T/year, allows for the treatment of aggregates to transform them, producing raw material that can be reused in the building cycle as recycled aggregate.

• The D1 disposal plant located in the Bizzetti area, with its transfer capacity of 62,000 cubic metres, can satisfy the deposit of debris and excavations from large construction sites and/or demolition of infrastructures. 

In the recovery/treatment plantR5the following CER codes can be assigned:

In the disposal plantQ1the following CER codes can be assigned:

In the storage facilityR13the following CER codes can be assigned:

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