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Our family has been involved in construction for three generations, initially originating from Camogli from which ours derives nickname "Camugin", our grandparents were involved in transport in an era in which transporting heavy materials and traveling long distances was not as simple as it is now.

Subsequently our large family moved to Levanto to begin the construction works of the A12 motorway, everyone had his job and his task going to create un' business strong e united, so the brothers Leo, Severino, Albino and Lino Queirolo dealed with transport, engines and movimento terra.

It was precisely Albino Queirolo known as "Bibbi" who founded this business at the end of the 60s, thanks to his hard-working character and noble fortitude, led us to create a leading reality in our territory where today our children also work.

The company has established itself not only thanks to our strengths but also to the professionalism and preparation of our collaborators, establishing itself for over 45 years at a high level in the construction industry.


He directs the relevant sector

 the construction company and waste management

He manages the logistics sector, hardware ed building heavy

He manages the plant engineering sector,

plumbing equipment and bathroom furniture

He directs the relevant sector

 the construction company and waste management


He manages the technical sector,

materials, flooring and cladding

... and the whole team 

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